Map of the Americas

Map of the Americas
We are using this map to find our way home. We will be marking where we are in big fat red marker like Indiana Jones. (map idea courtesy of Blake Golden)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Birmingham International Airport

I'm sitting at the Birmingham Airport about to get on my flight to Houston. From Houston I fly to Panama, not PCB, then to Maracaibo Venezuela. Needless to say, having the plane tickets in my back pocket gives me that same traveler's high that I always enjoy.

I can't express how much this past week meant to me. After finishing my board exams I got to hang out with a bunch of med school friends, then I went to Scott Crawford's wedding where we celebrated Courtney and Scott. Scott and I were listening for the best "line" of the weekend, and I believe the award goes to Nikki, Scott's mom. At one point all the groomsmen were booty dancing around Nikki. She had like five or six guys grinding up on her, just having a hell of a time. Later in the night, I spoke to Nikki about the dance and she said, "No offense to Steven (her husband), but I haven't been that excited in years!" It was a gas!!! (I feel older for just using that word.)

Then Sunday night my sister and great friends Libby, Andrew, Craig, and JD put together a surprise going away party at my house. It was so thoughtful for all of yall to come! It just really meant a lot! I had such a great time, and I know yall did as well because Charlie (Andrew's dog looking thing) was there. Bert cooked his legendary Boston Butt BBQ which of course hit the spot. I'll always remember that party.

Then Monday night we went Davenport's and Trivia with Reed. After JD finished an entire large pizza, Blake and I played darts, where he beat me with a double bulls eye on the final throw. We of course lost because we didn't have Conor, our Dark Lord of Trivia. It was fun as always, and I got an apron that preaches my motto "Never cook bacon naked!"

Last night after an always delicious meal at Judy's Pumphouse Diner, Trey, my brother, and Billy, my cousin hung out and went to watch The Bourne Ultimatum. Bad Ass. I mean, go see that movie if you haven't. It was so great to see Billy!

I guess the reason I bring all this up is to say that I have so much in Birmingham. One significant reason I'm off for a year is to see what it is like living away from friends and family. I want to see if I could work abroad for years at a time, if I could leave friends and family for that amount of time. Last week certainly showed me what I would be leaving. I am so fortunate to call each one of yall my friends. Yall are great and I love yall!

Anyhow, I have to get on the plane in a few minutes, so I'd better run. Can't wait to get to Venezuela!!! I'll post a bunch of pictures next time!

p.s. I believe you can subscribe to this blog if you want. I believe what happens is that when I edit the blog it notifies you through your bookmark or through your google or yahoo homepage. I don't yet know a way to get on a listserv or anything if I put new stuff on the blog. Anyhow, just letting yall know.


Eva said...

Awesomeness!!! You're going to have the most incredible time, and I'm extremely jealous! Make sure you post pics too!

Gonzo in ATL said...

FYI Stewart:

Jay Strother's father just bought a wine vineyard in Venexuela.

You might want to give him a call.



Jamie said...

Stewart, you forgot to thank your mom for that party! She and Andrew talked back and forth for weeks about it. and I made pasta salad for pete's sake! (Who's Pete anyway?)

I hope you get to V-town safely! Write again soon!

Anonymous said...

We'll obviously miss you, my man. Well, everyone else will miss you. I'll honestly be busy eating at your parents' house every weekend and frolicking with Amory (which I plan to do daily as soon as I can get over this pesky 100hour workweek thing).

Be sure to post pics of all the latin men you sleep with!


Freddy said...

5 guys??? that is noteworthy, so is Tray Blackmon, I just like saying his name, what a great individual, person and player!!

and lets hear about those U2 songs... I am a big fan of "City of Blinding Lights" right now, its on my go-to playlist.. anyhow...



Bubba Brooksidious O'Boylanberg said...

God's speed my friend. safe travels! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice start, Stew-dog!