Map of the Americas

Map of the Americas
We are using this map to find our way home. We will be marking where we are in big fat red marker like Indiana Jones. (map idea courtesy of Blake Golden)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Pictures at Last!!!

Hey yall,

Cooper and I traveled an hour this morning to the big town Valera. We are currently using really fast internet, like really fast internet, and it´s freakin awesome!!!! So I put a ton of pictures on picassa on Google. Just go to this website to view them. Oh and Cooper has pictures up too. So go to also. Anyway, not really going to say much today, just put up pictures. Now that I know I can put them up in the future I´m planning on taking a lot more pics. Hopefully I can come here every two weeks or so and put pics up!

take care,

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