Map of the Americas

Map of the Americas
We are using this map to find our way home. We will be marking where we are in big fat red marker like Indiana Jones. (map idea courtesy of Blake Golden)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lo siento, todovía no fotas

Sorry I haven’t written in several days. I was hoping to wait until my friend Cooper got here and then use his flash drive to upload pictures. Anyhow, that didn’t work because the Internet here is slower than me running a 60 yard touchdown at John Carroll in the ninth grade. (Contact Mike Baker if you want to see the video.) Anyhow, Adonys, a nurse that lives with us, is supposedly the web guru of the house and is going to show me the best way to upload pictures. So next time, I promise some pictures!!! Anyway, I just wanted to share a few things that have happened to me over the past couple of days that just bring a smile to my face:

The other day I felt very international because I was reading the French Les Miserables in English while smoking a Cuban cigar in Venezuela.

We were in a taxi the other day driving the wrong way on a one way for like four blocks, meanwhile, the Ghost soundtrack is blaring in the background.

This morning Cooper and I went to an Internet café in the tourist town of La Puerta at the base of our mountain. We spent 17 minutes on the Internet, and Cooper got to the Google homepage. I didn’t get to a webpage.

I played baseball in the clouds with some of my local friends here. Keep in mind I live 30 minutes from Johann Santanna’s hometown.

Hearing a five year old try to sing the words to Lil’ John’s Get Low in a thick Spanish accent.

Anyway, I haven’t worked in San Pedro yet. We were supposed to have a clinic there today, but it didn’t work out. We are hoping to have one tomorrow or the next day. Then hopefully we will have a clinic in San Pedro three-four times a week after that. We spoke to a local of San Pedro today, and they seemed very welcoming and offered their ramshackle house to hold the clinic. So that’s exciting. It’s weird not having a doctor above me to support my decisions. I’m a little nervous about it, but it’s better than them having nothing.

So, sorry no pics, but I promise there will be a picture (hopefully many) on this website by Monday! So come back Tuesday morning. Oh, and I really appreciate all the comments. Really, they mean a lot, and are funny. Keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

You're providing great reading for us, Stew-dog. And congratulations on one of the finest of books as a choice for your reading - Les Miserables.

Maggie said...

Stewart --
are you reading the unabridged les miserables??? I AM STRUGGLING!!

We miss you terribly already but I am so glad to hear everything you are doing -- keep up the good work!

julia said...

it seems like your having a wonderful time! I love reading your blog.. it's fun to check it. everything here is going well.. i chappell and i start school in like 10 days, go figure i haven't finished my summer reading. i got a iphone!! and i went to your house last sunday for my dad's bday.. everyone loved looking at it! well, i miss you tons!! im excited to see what else you go through..
ps: i wish you could send orange rolls through the internet.. TO BAD I CAN'T! well, more for me=] to bad. haha. our next championship will have to be in 2008.. that's sad. chappell will be in college by that time!!!!!! wow.
miss you!,

Anonymous said...

Tell the story about the La Pon Fuera or the girl you had a crush on.

Craig Hey said...

Stew I just finished the unabridged version of Le Mis and it was terrible. I took me nearly a month and had I known you were wanting to read it I would have let you take my copy. It now sits under my TV as a testament to my reading devotion, plus it looks good there.

Unless I am really rusty on my spanish is that town called "The Door" and do all the young brookies hang out there. Funny how you go so far away and cant get away from the door. That being said I will drink one for you on thursday.

In closing, I have not read le Mis and I dont plan on it in the immediate future. Maggie, you have too much time on your hands; thank goodness Tyler has a job. Stewart, you are excused because you are in a third world country that has a slower connection than the one I steal from my neighbors